Jiaxiang Rice company and Jialong Technology sign project


Recently, Jiaxiang Rice Industry and Jialong Technology signed a  contract. After preliminary field investigations and many consultations, the two parties, in line with the principle of "in-depth cooperation and joint progress", jointly build a well-known rice brand, and continue to forge ahead towards the goal of establishing a new agricultural industry ecology with Ute rice as the core.

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The project is of milestone significance. Jialong Technology's new series of products will shine in the Jiaxiang rice industry. Both parties will continue to promote the automation process and use technological innovation to increase the efficiency of modern agriculture!

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In Beilin District, Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province, there is a river on which stands a magnificent bridge, the Qinjia Bridge. To the west of the bridge, the Nuomin River joins the Hulan River. The Nuomin River flows from deep mountain streams. Through forests, wetlands, rock formations are rich in minerals and the water is clear. Relying on the rich water resources and superior geographical location, Beilin District has built a core demonstration area for rice planting in the river sandwich. The core area is dotted with large and small trunk canals and branch canals, and a complete set of artesian irrigation system has been constructed. The mineral-rich river water has also cultivated the green ecological rice planting area of Suihua Jiaxiang Rice Industry Co., Ltd. Nuominhe fragrant rice and Miao's fragrant rice are produced here

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