Why does rice need vacuum packing


Why does rice need vacuum packing. In addition to the problems of insects and oxidation, another reason is the impact of packaging methods on quality.

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Rice is easily affected by temperature, humidity, oxygen, microorganisms, etc. in the environment after losing the protection of the husk. When rice is directly packed, it may be better in winter, the quality deterioration is slow, and it is less affected by temperature and humidity. However, after the temperature rises, the loss of water will lead to the hardening and even cracking of rice grains, and the increase of endogenous enzyme activity in rice grains will lead to the increase of starch hydrolysis rate, protein and fat oxidation rate. The impact on rice quality is the decrease of rice swelling ability, the decrease of viscosity, the increase of hardness and other changes we don't like.

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Vacuum packing can delay this change to a great extent. Therefore, you may find that the rice just opened will taste much better, but after opening the bag for a period of time, it will obviously become unpleasant. This is also the reason why bagged rice is gradually smaller and packaged. If it's rice flour, you don't need vacuum packaging. Inconvenient packaging is one of the reasons. In addition, when taking rice flour to make rice products, the quality of rice products made from fresh rice flour is not good. After a period of time, the quality of rice products made from aged rice flour will be better. Therefore, we don't need rice vacuum packing, but direct packaging is also beneficial to making products. Of course, this is relative. It's not good for you to put it for one or two years.

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