Type of vacuum packing for nuts


Nuts are the main source of our daily vitamins. During the transportation of nuts, it is necessary to keep the freshness of nuts at all times. In addition to protecting the nuts, the nuts packaged by the vacuum packaging machine also play a key role in extending the shelf life. The nuts packaged by the vacuum packaging machine can better show the grade of the nuts, which just meets the needs of modern consumers.  So what kind of vacuum packaging machine is used to package the nuts? Let's introduce it in detail.

cashew nuts vacuum packing

Everyone is familiar with vacuum packaging machines. This is a packaging method often used in the food processing industry. In the process of packaging nuts, vacuum packaging machines are divided into flat shape vacuum packing  and brick shape vacuum packing according to the packaging type.

nuts vacuum packing

Jialong company privides brick shape vacuum packing machine for nuts 300g-10kg, 10kg-25kg/bags, 300g-10kg/bag for flat shape nuts vacuum packing machine. Our technicians are also making various efforts for cashew nuts vacuum packing machine. We believe that with the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the future vacuum packaging machine will be endowed with more functions. Let us look forward to more new packaging as soon as possible!

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